EPIC Insurance Brokers & Consultants: Progressively Impacting Financial Risks

John Hahn, Co-founder & CEO, EPIC Insurance Brokers & ConsultantsJohn Hahn, Co-founder & CEO
With the increasing complexity and interdependency of risks, that are not only associated with accidental losses, but also financial, and strategic operations, Enterprise Risk Management has become a core issue currently. Insurance, which is a hedge against these risks, is not a magic stick or a solution; however, it compensates the loss. It’s probably one of the biggest value add to any business, minimizing the damage caused by unforeseen events. “Becoming more informed about risks is an important first step in arming yourself and your business. At EPIC, we provide insights to better understand the risks and strategy to protect and grow your business,” states John Hahn, CEO, EPIC Insurance Brokers & Consultants. Located in San Francisco, CA, EPIC empowers its customers with the detailed knowledge of insurance and risk management, including commercial property and casualty, employee benefits, unique specialty program insurance, and private client services. “We go beyond the ordinary to deliver exceptional client service, meaningful financial impact and achievement of our clients’ goals and objectives,” affirms Hahn.

The company’s unique risk management platform, Risk Management Center, presents a web-based software suite of safety and risk management tools that enables organizations to enhance their risk prevention efforts. It eliminates the need for multiple programs, provides easy access through web-based applications, tools for a behavior-based safety program, and requires no internal development or maintenance costs. “The insurance and risk management landscape is in a state of constant change. Timely, accurate communication with our clients related to these changes and the resulting requirements, exposures and opportunities they create—is among our chief responsibilities as brokers, consultants and professional advisors,” explains John Hahn, CEO of EPIC.

Moreover, EPIC provides personalized services and specialized products to address all insurance and risk management issues—whether associated to property and liability exposures, workers’ compensation, cost control, enterprise risk management, directors’ and officers’ liability, and cyber liability.

We provide insights to better understand the risks and strategy to protect and grow your business

The firm believes in the management of risks by eliminating or reducing them and offers an ample variety of consulting services, like safety and security, loss prevention, hazard communication, earthquake preparedness, business continuity, disaster recovery, and corporate governance risk assessment.

Some of EPIC’s risk management services include exposure assessment and analysis of current programs and strategies, risk control consulting, claims management and loss mitigation, risk retention and risk purchasing groups, alternative risk transfer, and credit risk assessment and management. Due to its competence and efficiency, EPIC has garnered the trust of several organizations across different sectors—agriculture, construction, food and beverages, hotels and hospitality, life sciences, and law firms to successfully manage risks. “EPIC has provided us first class service along with prompt attention to emergency matters, saving our company a substantial amount of money,” states Up Dish Services, a Dish authorized retailer.

Believing in the ideology that change is constant, the company aims to innovate and evolve its solutions according to the changing marketplace. Moreover, they plan to enhance flexibility in their services to deliver unique results. “We are not afraid to take calculated risks for our clients, nor are we afraid to use ‘unconventional wisdom’ or challenge the status quo to better serve the industry,” concludes Hahn.