Litéra®: Enterprise-class Data Control and Risk Management

Paul Domnick, President , LiteraPaul Domnick, President
“In this age of information overload, the insurance industry is facing enormous data management risks managing both structured and unstructured information and transactions across the policy lifecycle,” says Paul Domnick, President, Litéra®. Malicious cyber-attacks and data-leakage via email and file sharing add to the pile of misery for organizations dealing with vast amount of documents. Enterprises today need to make coordinated and calculated, strategic and operational decisions to reduce risks. “Leveraging our tools, an organization can easily eliminate the workarounds that increase data risk cases and gain an enterprise-class data control—all without disturbing file access or collaboration,” he notes. The firm offers a comprehensive set of solutions to improve content workflow, lower costs, and save time by efficiently managing and executing business processes—irrespective of agency, location, or device. Domnick expands, “our solutions increase productivity throughout a document’s lifecycle and enable more secure and effective collaboration between people, teams, and organizations to drive business value.”

Litéra® proffers content risk management solutions to corporate sales teams, procurement and legal teams, who are dealing with a huge amount of unstructured documents, providing them unmatchable content confidence to streamline document creation, securely collaborate, and control the document lifecycle. The firm’s software solutions also enable insurers to easily and efficiently encrypt their documents in both public and private cloud sharing repositories; this, in turn, allows them to control and reduce data leakage. “By integrating our solutions, insurers can control all types of hidden metadata in the shared documents from any device and make sure the information is stored and transferred in a much safer, efficient, and secure manner,” explains Domnick.

Unlike many market vendors, Litéra®is not only focused on risk reporting, but also works towards risk reduction.

Our solutions increase productivity throughout a document lifecycle and enable more secure and effective collaboration between people, teams, and organizations to drive business value

With the increasing shift to the cloud and tremendous rise in BYOD, security is often compromised. This is where the Litéra Anywhere™ solution comes in. “The suite helps organizations secure data by providing tools to protect reputation, manage risks, and increase productivity on any device, anywhere,” points out Domnick.

Leveraging Litéra’s plethora of solutions can also enable customers to eliminate high-risk email mistakes by personalizing alerts and providing robust and complete access-control to their critical assets. Engineered to improve enterprise-wide security, maintain confidentiality, and support compliance initiatives, Litéra Secure File Transfer® enables users to securely send encrypted emails and attachments and transfer files of any size.

An average professional document is often saved, copied, and shared in several different locations. With Litéra’s multiple solutions for document version management, enterprises can significantly reduce the number and locations documents are stored and gain a more comprehensive view of all files and repositories.“Using these solutions, customers can easily review all the data in a single place, pick and choose the best pieces, or utilize a platform where a user can see every file associated with a project in a single view, no matter where the files are stored,” explains Domnick.

Litéra prides itself for its ability to manage any form of document. “We are looking forward to helping our customers by providing tools that ensure regulatory compliance and risk management,” concludes Domnick.