Origami Risk: Customer-Centric Approach towards Risk Management

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Jon Nichols, COO, Origami RiskJon Nichols, COO
It is high time for insurers to streamline their operations and make lasting impressions on risk managers, carriers, and brokers. However, with changes in the current dynamic regulatory environment and refinement in government standards, professionals need to comply in order to manage risk. This challenge can be met head-on by deploying a secure cloud-based RMIS—a solution that is not just an old-fashioned aggregator of policy data, but software that efficiently collects data from various sources and analyzes it. The information so extracted would enable enterprises to make critical decisions, such as triggering risk management initiatives, calculating total cost of risk or highlighting risk-financing requirements. The presence of cloud enabled software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions simplifies risk management by supporting affordable computing and data tracking to deliver a secure platform for the data.

Origami Risk is SaaS-based risk management software that identifies, assesses, and mitigates enterprise risk with its cost-effective solutions. The company features a suite of risk management solutions that can be customized based on a client's business structure, standards, and processes. "Origami's platform is both flexible and configurable enough and can be used by companies of all sizes, irrespective of existing risk framework or level of risk maturity," quotes Jon Nichols, COO, Origami Risk. Founded in 2010, Origami Risk—with their highly secure and scalable solution—empowers and connects risk managers, insurance brokers, third party administrators, and carriers.

The company's integrated cloud-based platform remediates vulnerabilities based on data insights. The platform also allows increased visibility into a company's loss control activities with advanced analytics and ease of accessibility.

The software can create automated warning notifications; perform follow-ups and send escalation emails highlighting probable risks; provide instructions to eliminate risks; and streamline workflow while measuring safety progress and reducing costs. The company has helped its clients with meeting standard workplace requirements, carrying out robust accident reporting, and improving policy and document management. Origami achieves these goals by reinforcing existing safety cultures and enhancing the overall performance of an organization’s risk management team. Apart from risk management, the company offers flexible audit technologies and automation functionalities. The company also provides a dedicated service team member to work closely with the client's organization from implementation on, in order to help them understand the specific challenges involved and cater to needs beyond risk management.

Origami Risk's primary focus is on its clients' business development by preventing losses, controlling claim costs, and validating and supporting the decisions. The company believes in retaining its customers through superior customer service policies, fuelled by a steady stream of innovation and thought leadership. With this customer-centric angle, Origami has already built a diverse client list and is now expanding swiftly in the US and the UK. Origami's Healthcare platform now plans to focus on data integration and analytics to provide more insightful data representation to its clients. The company’s ERM/GRC solution update will include a newly designed set of instructions to support regulatory standards. Origami Risk is targeting additional enhancements to renewal processing and underwriting functions to improve the ease of use and configurability of their carrier platform.

Apart from its unique business model, Origami hires seasoned experts capable of delivering client solutions, which sets it apart from competitors. The company believes in providing its best products and services, allowing clients to take full advantage of what it has to offer. The team also believes that the company's real profit lies in the customers’ overall satisfaction. "Origami sets out to be the best risk management software company, not the biggest," quotes Jon. He says the company always operates on values and finds the best solution for each of its clients. Origami has always stuck to its principles, continuously rolling out new features and functionalities for upgrades, and maintaining a streak of innovationthat is poised to continue for years to come.