Quantivate: GRC Made Simple

Andy Vanderhoff, Founder & CEO, QuantivateAndy Vanderhoff, Founder & CEO
Enterprises need to engage robust and effective Regulatory, Compliance and Risk Management (GRC) software solutions to effectively adapt to changing laws, regulations, standards, and internal policies. Quantivate, a Woodinville, WA-based company finds its niche in insurance risk management arena by offering GRC software suite that assists insurance companies in implementing reliable and cost-effective GRC processes including internal audit, business continuity, third party management, IT and information security. The firm offers their solutions on a complete SaaS platform and is also designed to facilitate seamless data integration between the various Quantivate GRC modules, offering flexibility and scalability to every GRC needs of modern organizations.

The company’s solutions enable insurers to document, track, and manage their entire GRC initiatives at all levels of organizations empowering them with a safe and secure IT environment. Quantivate IT GRC, a configurable platform, manages end-to-end IT requirements for meeting regulations. The platform embeds changing regulatory framework into companies’ IT policies to be communicated throughout the organization ensuring compliance. It also supports customization to adapt to the changing security programs and regulatory needs. Further, the company’s Quantivate Regulatory Compliance Manager, a strong solution for compliance, simplifies handling of wide variety regulatory and compliance processes. With unique capabilities to organize compliance documentation, running risk assessments, and demonstrating proof of compliance reporting, the automated solution helps organizations to remain compliant with multiple regulatory bodies.

Furthermore, to proactively identify third party risks, their compliance status and effectively monitor changes that can create new risks, the firm offers Third Party Risk Management solution. The software features an easy to use dashboard with access to comprehensive and customizable reporting, enabling insurance managers to steer third party data and contract management with ease.

Whether it’s serving existing customers, billing, paying claims, or generating new business, the BCMP and DR solutions helps insurance enterprises remain competitive in wake of disasters

Over and above, the Quantivate Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) solution helps them identify, assess, quantify, monitor, and manage risks in accordance with industry best practices. It includes a whole set of ERM features including Risk heat maps, Risk analytics, Key Risk Indicators (KRIs) and Automated alerts.

Having a deep understanding in the importance of business continuity, particularly in the insurance landscape, Quantivate also offers robust Business Continuity Management Planning (BCMP) and Disaster Recovery (DR) solutions. The company’s BCMP and DR suite offers a wealth of prime features like threat and vulnerability analysis, incident management, emergency notifications—through SMS, emails, and voice broadcasts, and business impact analysis. Whether it’s serving existing customers, billing, paying claims, or generating new business, the BCMP and DR solutions helps insurance enterprises remain competitive in wake of disasters.

With a talented team for risk management services and consulting, Quantivate’s clients benefit a lot from strategically taking advantage of better decision making, increased efficiency, and enhancing organizational risk control efforts in supporting critical GRC initiatives.

Having served the insurance landscape for over a decade with their outstanding risk management and compliance solutions, Quativate is in the good books of major insurance companies. To further make the insurance risk management space more interactive and informative, the firm recently launched Quantivate Complaint Management software as an A la carte model which acts as a central database for complaints management and properly collect complaint data for progressive investigation.