SS&C Technologies [NASDAQ:SSNC]: Next-Gen Comprehensive Risk Management Tools

James Ramenda, SVP-Enterprise Risk, SS&C TechnologiesJames Ramenda, SVP-Enterprise Risk
In recent years, insurance companies have faced growing demand for consolidated views of risk analysis across their portfolios. Insurers currently are investing heavily in new technologies to address increasingly complex asset class challenges. Moreover, the recent dramatic widening of credit spreads is reinforcing the focus on risk management in the insurance sector. For insurance companies, having the right partner to navigate these challenges is critical to successfully managing their risk return trade-offs. SS&C Technologies [NASDAQ:SSNC] provides next-generation services and software to manage data sources, risk analytics, and financial reporting, as well as regulatory and rating agency reporting, all while driving down operational costs. “Our solutions enable comprehensive risk management across the entire range of asset classes, resulting in better and more cost-effective market intelligence and improved decision-making,” says James Ramenda, SVP-Enterprise Risk, SS&C Technologies.

Leveraging the latest trends in cloud computing and mobility, SS&C has integrated the power of cloud into mobile devices for clients to drive better business outcomes on a 24/7 basis. SS&C’s cloud-enabled risk management solutions include both ex-post and ex-ante risk tools, which provide a tightly controlled, automated, and integrated risk analysis. “We provide key deliverables, such as performance measurement, attribution, custom benchmarking, portfolio risk simulation, and duration analysis, plus subject matter expertise to provide value-added to our customers,” adds Ramenda. SS&C’s services help shape investment policies, test risk limits, and alert companies whenever policies are violated, including NAIC and Solvency II regulatory constraints. SS&C also provides insurers with a consolidated view of their market positions that can be updated continuously to reflect all proceedings such as trades, corporate actions, and cash events. “Our Investment Book of Record (IBOR) solutions can deliver cash flow forecasts as well as flexible views of valuations and exposures,” notes Ramenda.

We are able to simulate insurers’ portfolios under any investment conditions, including Monte Carlo, historical, and user-defined scenarios

Importantly, the company offers a complete set of advanced risk analytics including delta-adjusted exposures, stochastic simulations, historical scenarios, sensitivities and stress testing. “We are able to simulate insurers’ portfolios under any investment conditions, including Monte Carlo, historical, and user-defined scenarios,” explains Ramenda. SS&C also delivers a full-service ASP solution, Lightning, that automates every aspect of trading, risk analysis, asset management, portfolio management, and safekeeping for financial institutions. “Our solutions provide asset managers with complete coverage across asset classes and identify risk exposures at a very granular level,” says Ramenda.

In the current environment, insurance companies often utilize a wide-ranging set of outside investment managers, each with a particular specialty. As a result, investment information flows back to the company from different managers, brokers, custodians, etc., all in different formats and often with different conventions. Consequently, organizations have to perform extensive data scrubbing and aggregation before the analytics can be applied. “We provide clients with complete data management, aggregation and drill-down capabilities so that performance, attribution, and risk analysis can be segmented by legal entity, line of business, or any customized grouping,” says Ramenda. “The scalability and flexibility of our solutions bring cost efficiencies to the risk management process that enable companies to outcompete their peers,” he adds. These benefits include meeting complex external demands, such as ORSA (Own Risk and Solvency Assessment).

A customer-centric business founded 30 years ago this month by its CEO, Bill Stone, SS&C is poised to continue its spectacular success through organic growth as well as strategic acquisitions. “We’ll build upon our leading presence in the insurance space by bringing products to the market that emphasize cloud technology, mobility, and an ever-greater interactive experience for CIOs,” says Ramenda.