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Top 10 Risk Management Consulting/Services Companies - 2020

Today, managing risks has become more challenging than ever due to the complexity of business, rise of cloud computing, increase in third party vendors, and proliferation of regulations amidst a global pandemic. However, organizations that are willing to take a hands-on, proactive risk management approach can stay safe and compliant during such turbulent times.

Cybercrime reigns supreme in the list of risks to manage, and risk managers alongside IT teams need to have stringent contingency plans and prevention strategies. Prevention is crucial as a cyberattack can damage business reputation, lead to legal issues and ruin financial stability. Organizations are moving away from traditional business information tools to advanced analytics that utilize intelligent data interrogation techniques to get clearer and detailed insights in a fraction of the time. These advanced analytics enable businesses to understand, predict, avoid, and if necessary remediate risk. In addition, the growing practice of predictive risk intelligence is helping organizations to predict and manage emerging risks, helping to eliminate or reduce the negative impact of loss events to an organization.

At this juncture, there are a wide variety of firms entering the industry with a set of advanced risk management solution and services offerings. To help companies navigate through the best-of-breed risk management vendors, Insurance CIO Outlook has compiled a list of ‘Top 10 Risk Management Solution and Service Providers– 2020.’ The enlisted organizations offer solutions that enable organizations to keep current with risk management trends and take a proactive, analytics-driven stance to continually assess, predict, and stay one step ahead of risk. Besides, the magazine also comprises insights from thought leaders in the sector on the industry trends, best practices, recent innovations, and their advice for the aspiring CIOs.

We present to you Insurance CIO Outlook’s, “Top 10 Risk Management Consulting/ Service Companies - 2020.”

    Top Risk Management Consulting/Services Companies

  • The company is a California based consultancy providing risk and performance consulting services. By conducting a technology based, cutting-edge risk analysis of firms and projects, SmartRisk enables the development of specific risk management solutions that provides a more accurate analysis of risk, identifies methods for mitigating exposures that helps improve overall performance and profitability. As an easy and effective method for ana-lyzing risk for design firms, SmartRisk developed the SR Risk Profile—a computer-based risk assessment aimed at identifying risk, liability exposures within an organization based on responses to a risk questionnaire. It provides a deeper-dive analysis of a firm’s overall operational procedures, applied practices, and business and risk management efforts

  • Alan Gray

    Alan Gray

    Alan Gray LLC is a claims and audit advisory firm as well as a cost-efficient, reliable, and trusted resource to those involved in the management of risk. Offering operational and business processing services and consulting on exposures and risks from the simple to the most complicated, the company places the maximum emphasis on client service and satisfaction. It has become an adviser and partner to a client base that includes major insurers and reinsurers, law firms, brokers, Fortune 500 companies, MGAs, and captives

  • Amerisure


    Since 1912, Amerisure has worked with the purpose of making America’s workplaces safer. The company specializes in providing business insurance solutions to the construction, manufacturing, and healthcare industries. Amerisure offers a comprehensive suite of insurance products to protect businesses that are focused in manufacturing, construction, and healthcare through strategically located core service centers. Its teams offer efficient, and high-quality service to manage and resolve issues faster. The company is headquartered in Farmington Hills, MI

  • Amro Group

    Amro Group

    Offers risk management and consulting services for small to mid-market firms to mitigate and transfer firm’s enterprise/operation risk exposures

  • Bickmore


    Bickmore is independent, non-brokerage risk management, actuarial services, group administration, and consulting firm. The firm focuses on building strong and lasting relationships with both private and public sector clients in more than 30 states. The firm employs over 100 professional as well as support staff, including credentialed insurance and safety professionals, certified public accountants, credentialed actuaries, experienced pool managers, attorneys, and certified workers'​ compensation specialists. Bickmore is headquartered in Sacramento, California. Also, it has offices in Orange, California, and Ashland and Portland, Oregon

  • McNeil & Company

    McNeil & Company

    McNeil & Co. specializes in risk management and insurance. They offer a suite of policies that are always business-relevant, with service that is always advanced as well as with training and risk management programs tailored to prevent loss before it occurs. Focused on creating and delivering a higher value service, the company offers exceptional programs based on a consultative approach and genuine industry knowledge to mitigating risk. Their individual policies are personalized to fulfill their clients' diverse needs and offer complete coverage available in the industry today

  • Old Republic Risk Management

    Old Republic Risk Management

    Old Republic is among America’s largest shareholder-owned insurance businesses. It is mainly a commercial lines underwriter catering to the insurance needs of a large number of organizations, including many of America’s leading industrial and financial services institutions. Its subsidiaries actively underwrite, market, as well as provide risk management services for various coverages, majorly in general and title insurance fields. Old Republic’s insurance subsidiaries offer quality assurance of the promises they make for the beneficiaries of their insurance services and products

  • PKF International

    PKF International

    PKF is an international family of legally independent professional services firms united together by a shared commitment to integrity, quality, and the creation of clarity in a complicated regulatory environment. It has offices in 440 cities and operates in 150 countries across 5 continents and specializes in providing high quality audit, tax, accounting, legal, and business advisory services to domestic as well as international organisations in all the company’s markets

  • RCM&D


    RCM&D is among the well-reputed independent insurance advisory firms in the United States. Established in 1885, the firm utilizes its more than 130 years of experience and strong national, local, and global reach to meet client's business objectives. RCM&D manages a strong local and regional focus with five locations throughout the mid-Atlantic region, while their reach expands both nationally and internationally. By utilizing a combination of global reach and local knowledge, RCM&D is capable of helping business and individuals navigate the evolving insurance landscape, at home and abroad confidently

  • SVK Systems

    SVK Systems

    SVK Systems, is a global IT Solutions provider committed to delivering customer value through high cost-effective solutions and quality processes. SVK offers outsourced software development, systems integration services, and IT staffing solutions to Fortune 500, Government, and various industry-leading companies. SVK provides a vast range of IT solutions from strategy consulting to implementation as well as maintenance across a range of vertical domains such as telecom, education transportation, healthcare, manufacturing, and government. SVK enables companies to increase efficiency, shorten the development life cycle, and deliver a higher quality end product