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Top 10 Risk Management Solution Companies - 2016

In an era of complex and interrelated risks, organizations are recognizing risk management as a corporate function that motivates an enterprise-wide understanding of risk and encourages commitment to the discipline of risk-based decision-making.

Risks have varying impacts on an organization’s sustainability. At the forefront of defending the risks— especially within the financial institutions and insurance companies—is Enterprise Risk Management (ERM). An efficient risk management program serves as the first defense when covering the firm’s assets. Using an ERM framework, the management can assess and survive the risks by preparing for adversity or seizing opportunities. In addition, employing an ERM framework in day-to-day management of the businesses enables organizations to fight against deflationary pressures and liquidity crisis.

With the vast number of players in the ERM landscape today, it is a difficult task for the CIOs to choose the best vendor who is at the forefront of providing comprehensive risk management solutions.

To help CIOs and CFOs find the right ERM solution provider for their enterprises, a team of prominent CEOs, CIOs, VCs and analysts, along with the Insurance CIO Outlook editorial board has evaluated the best players from enterprise risk management solution providers. The companies featured here demonstrate an ability to develop innovative technologies and outstanding customer service.

In our selection, we looked at the vendor’s capability to fulfill the burning need for cost-effective and flexible risk management solutions. We present to you the Top 10 Risk Management Solution Providers 2016.

    Top Risk Management Solution Companies

  • An innovative retail property, casualty, and employee benefits insurance brokerage and consulting firm

  • Provider of comprehensive software solutions to detect, investigate, and report suspicious activity

  • Provides complete risk management services, employee benefits consultation, and insurance solutions for both businesses and individuals

  • Provides essential insights to help customers across the industry to predict, assess, and manage risks

  • Provides comprehensive solution set to protect reputation, manage risk, and increase productivity for content lifecycle control businesses

  • Provides risk management, insurance, and employee benefits consulting services that improve businesses

  • Helps individuals and businesses identify, reduce, and manage their risks through cross-functional business units

  • Provider of cloud-based services and software for the global financial services industry

  • Serves the global reinsurance industry and financial markets with leading enterprise risk analysis solutions

  • Provides a cloud-based productivity platform that collects, links, reports, and analyzes business data to mitigate enterprise risk and improve productivity