Top 10 Risk Management Solution Providers - 2018

A robust risk management strategy is pivotal for the insurance firms given its background of low-interest rates, unstable market, and depressed returns. With insurance firms falling prey to varying regulatory reporting and data management issues expansion of digital platforms such as smartphones and their applications have proven themselves to improve their risk management capabilities.

Insurers are also inching towards the technology of connected devices or Internet of Things (IoT) to curb the risks and fraud insurance claims.

IoT expands the horizon of measuring and mitigating risks, using data from automotive sensors, wearable fitness trackers, and telematic devices, by automatically detecting the damage and triggering the restoration process without any manual interference. Apart from IoT, AI-powered risk management systems have also come up allowing insurers to recognize and alleviate cyber attacks. AI makes use of algorithms that study data patterns in order to recognize fraud insurance claims. AI-powered Intelligent Robotics is also making headway into the insurance industry that uses advanced analytics to detect insurance claims by legit and genuine customers. Furthermore, to align with the shifting regulatory compliances employing an integrated approach to risk management such as Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) can help insurers develop efficient operations to cope up with the regulations.

With the intention of guiding insurance industry firms to upgrade their risk management security systems, a distinguished panel comprising of eminent CEOs, CIOs, VCs, and analysts along with the editorial panel of Insurance CIO Outlook have crafted out a list comprising of Top 10 Risk Management Solution Providers of the year 2018.

We present to you Insurance CIO Outlook's "Top 10 Risk Management Solution Providers - 2018"

Company Logo Company Name Company Description
CHSI Technologies Provides cloud-based enterprise practice management systems for small insurance companies
ClearRisk Provides solutions to streamline the administrative tasks and processes in data collection, enabling focused efforts in analyzing risk, insurance, claims and asset data
GeoSure Global Provides scalable, real-time, hyper-local safety, and risk assessment information on a granular level by harvesting and analyzing massive amounts of data from various trusted sources
KPA Online KPA delivers EHS risk management and human resources solutions that help our clients achieve regulatory compliance, control risk, protect their assets, and effectively manage their people and their organization
Origami Risk Provides a seamless user experience that includes award-winning data aggregation & reporting, intuitive data analytics tools, rules-based decision support solutions, and the ability to automate almost any process
Palisade Corporation Offers software tools that enables in-depth risk analysis for better decision-making
Quantifi Solutions Quantifi is a provider of integrated risk, analytics and trading solutions
Riskonnect Provides organizations with solutions to anticipate and manage strategic and operational risks across the enterprise
RMS RMS help financial institutions and public agencies understand, quantify, and manage risk
Ventiv Technology Provides software and technology solutions to empower clarity and efficiency to drive optimal performance of risk, insurance and EH&S programs