WeGoLook: Expediting Underwriting Processing via Crowdsourced Assessment

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In the immediate aftermath of the U.S. shores falling victim to the wrath of Hurricane Irma, there was a surge in claims from citizens who were desperately trying to get back their livelihood. However, with thousands of claims to look at—and without the means to carry out verifications in a timely manner—processing claims turned out to be cumbersome for insurers. Understanding that time was the essence in such circumstances, WeGoLook came to the rescue. Since it was difficult for insurers and adjusters to assess the damages physically— quickly and all at once—the company dispatched approved “lookers” to take onsite photos and acquire relevant information. Leveraging WeGoLook’s on-demand workforce solution, Crawford, the premier claims management entity, was able to reduce their claim appraisal cycle to under two days from the industry average of 4 to 5 days.

Having established itself as an entity whose value proposition revolves around accelerating claims processing, WeGoLook recently repurposed their expertise towards enhancing the underwriting side of insurance workf lows. Today, underwriters have become more progressive and aggressive in terms of evaluating risks. However, gathering and capturing accurate information for the same not only requires time but a large workforce as well. WeGoLook assists its clients in solving all of these challenges to capture the right data essential to carry out the underwriting process. “From commercial properties to residential properties, we not only perform the exterior and interior assessment, but collect photos, images, and any other information that could outline the risks. This helps the underwriters make informed decisions and price the policy accurately,” says Meredith Brogan, the president of WeGoLook.

The key differentiator for WeGoLook is their on-demand, nationwide workforce of nearly 45,000 independent lookers, who help assess risk and damage-anytime and anywhere. WeGoLook conducts a thorough background screening process to employ each one of them.

From commercial properties to residential properties, we not only do the exterior and interior assessment, but collect photos, images, and any other information that could outline the risks

Lookers could hail from various job roles such as mechanics, engineers, notaries, or photographers. The company also offers a self-service solution called YouGoLook, where their clients can employ policyholders or even employees to qualify as lookers. For self-insured organizations, this proves to be an excellent asset. Alongside insurance carriers, WeGoLook also works with fortune 500 companies to drive and serve their risk management and mitigation departments.

The risk or damage assessments differ based on the scenario and the client. To this end, each of WeGoLook’ assessment assignments are based on schemas, which is a detailed set of instruction that relates to the policy in question for the lookers. It takes less than a day for clients to set up an account and begin leveraging WeGoLook’s solution as it comes readily plugged into multiple insuretech platforms.

WeGoLook’s ability in helping insurance establishments and individuals gather and validate information without compromising on the industry standards is the reason behind the company’s rapid and sustainable growth. Recognizing WeGoLook’s value proposition, Crawford acquired the company in 2017 to augment their solutions and service delivery. Looking ahead, WeGoLook plans to continue on its path to deliver a second-to-none solution that defies traditional industry norms. “In the near future, we want to fine-tune our solution and establish it as the best in the market,” concludes Meredith.

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Offers an online platform of 40,000 plus “lookers” nationwide to carry out on-demand field services, including inspections and risk assessments